“At CogitalGroup, we continuously invest in our people, innovation and technology so our clients and customers can feel confident that they are receiving high quality, high value, business critical advice and services.”

CogitalGroup employ over 4600 people in 137 offices. Our highly talented, energetic people provide exceptional, broadly based, business critical, BPO and advisory services to our clients and customers, helping them to achieve long term, sustainable success. 

Our people are motivated by delivering outstanding service and we empower them to take ownership of their jobs and deliver results. Our highly experienced Accountants, Tax Specialists and Lawyers, HR and Financial Specialists, Business Support and IT Architects, all work collaboratively in a diverse, supportive and challenging environment, enabling them to achieve both their career and personal goals whilst being part of our innovative company.

Our Values

Success for our people

We believe that our people are the heart of who we are and what we strive for. We act with integrity, treat each other with respect and work together so that every one of us can achieve their potential. We are a meritocracy that offers people great opportunities.

Success for our clients

We are committed to delivering a broad range of services to our clients of the highest quality that enables them to operate efficiently and effectively and underpins their ability to achieve competitive advantage. We will continuously innovate on their behalf.

Success for our business

We are passionate about building a high-achieving business for the long term; we are determined to lead in all our chosen markets, with superior performance to our competitors.


The success of CogitalGroup relies on having first-rate people in every position and we are always looking for ambitious, talented people who want to develop their profession with us and contribute to our success story. In return you will enjoy a rewarding career that challenges you and encourages you to fulfil your potential. 

If you have the experience and skills then we want to hear from you; please get in touch with us here Or go directly to one of our business websites: / /