CogitalGroup – driven by exceptional service and technology

We focus strongly on delivering exceptional personal service to all our clients, whilst harnessing the value enhancing role of technology.

CogitalGroup has an exciting future. New technology has, and will undoubtedly continue to create endless possibilities which in turn contribute to great, value adding service to our clients and customers. Technology is the key driving force in the business process outsourcing industry. Increasingly growing, entrepreneurial businesses look to us to provide technology-driven outsourced support services and enable them to focus on their core business operations. For a long time, BPO has enabled cost savings and leaner business management. Technology plays an increasingly important role in that process.

We have chosen to fully embrace digitalization and automation to enable basic tasks to be dealt with efficiently. Our clients and customers require technology-based support services combined with exceptional advice, so at CogitalGroup, we deliver this in a personal way tailored to their needs.

CogitalGroup has used its substantial in-house knowledge to develop a next-generation digital platform: CoZone. CoZone is a smart, efficient and secure cloud-based portal which helps clients access all of their financial information and business performance data through a user-friendly dashboard.  CoZone has just one simple login for the client, providing access to more than 30 applications, 13 of which have been developed in-house utilising AI and machine learning.  CoZone features self-service SaaS products and automated processes. Clients will have access to reports, invoices, lists of tasks and receive alerts close to important deadlines. CogitalGroup is continuously developing new applications to integrate with the CoZone platform and our developers can work with our clients to build and supply custom-made applications to suit their needs.  


Vidar Bekken, Group Chief Technology Officer commented:

“Our success strongly depends on the output of what we deliver to our clients and customers. More than 130,000 employees and businesses get secure access to their payslips, invoices, business documents and reports, through CoZone. What we provide is an efficient and collaborative platform, giving the customer on-demand access to key data and customized reports. A real-time dashboard provides our clients and customers with a picture of their day to day performance so that they are directly connected to their business goal.”

To access CoZone visit and for more information contact your business services manager or  

CogitalGroup will continue to invest in developing new technology and state of the art customer solutions.